‘Karunatripadi’- A divine dialogue between Lord Dattatreya and P. P. Shrimad Vasudevanand Saraswati Swami Maharaj who is knowledge reincarnation of Lord Dattatreya himself. Shri Thorale Swami Maharaj composed ‘Karunatripadi’ on his chaturmas at Narsi on the banks of River Kayadhu to ask for forgiveness from Lord Dattatreya on behalf of all the devotees at Narsobawadi for their recurring mistakes in rituals at Narsobawadi.
‘Karunatripadi’ is regarded at highest importance in Datta Parampara and is chanted in countless households regularly to purify soul and make you surrender to Lord’s feet and accepting all your sinful acts.
To spread this divinity across in the right way, P.P Ajit Dada and VVP pariwar has so far conducted Upasana in more than 3000 households since past 30 years to promote conscious dialogues amongst every household and in turn society at large.
‘Karunatripadi’ is chanted in almost every center of Ved Vasudev Pratisthan ex. Nagpur, Pune, Singapore, Amravati, Malkapur etc. every Thursday or Saturday at least twice a month.


To understand the true meaning of spirituality, it is very important to have a dialogue with oneself as well as like-minded people for exchange of ideas. VVP Pariwar has Chintan Baithak on regular basis (Twice/Thrice a month at various centers). Shri Ajit Dada along with members of Pariwar at respective centers discuss on various aspects of spirituality, Nationalism, promotion of strong and educated society etc..


To take the deep thoughts shared in the Chintan Baithaks and to implement them, VVP celebrates various ‘Utsavs’- Remembrance of our Aacharyas on the occasion of their ‘Jayanti’ (birth) and ‘Punyatithi’ (demise). Such gatherings are celebration of our Mother Nation’s rich culture (Parampara) and the legacy that our Aacharyas have left for us to take forward.
With every Utsav, there is resolution to strengthen bonds among the pariwar members and embrace more and more families.
Complete list of Utsav is given in Events Tab.

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