History of VVP

Ved Vasudev Pratishthan is a registered non-government organization or a trust for last 7 years. But mere registration or commercial existence was never our goal. When we found ourselves capable, by way of introspection for dedicated activities in society, we became operational as a trust.

Ved – The ultimate knowledge – revealed as a Chaitanya literary (Vangmayin) form of Parmatman (Providence) – the entire universe is a spread of revealed breath which hold particles of absolute wisdom.

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Vasudev – The knowledge form of Parmatman or Lord Dattatreya in existence. P.P. Shrimad Vasudevanand Saraswati Swami Maharaj (Tembeswami) was in the physical form (1854 A.D. to 1914 A.D.) and mastered the divine document of Bhagwan Dattatreya, the origin of knowledge i.e. Ved.

Thus Ved Vasudev Pratishthan was brought into existence in 1980, nearly thirty two (32) years ago, by the founder President, Mr. Ajit Krishna Tukdeo. Initially it started and happened with his own life- strange and extra sensory events and miraculous leads and beyond logical perceptions governed the life in turn which created an inspiration and urge to search something eternal.

No Knowledge or ignorance or apathy towards true knowledge in society led to lack of solutions in his life and failures started creeping in the life – resultant- the thought process along with the life witnessed unforeseen change – The River Bed of Life changed drastically. Once certain doors are closed, some other doors get opened up is a Law of Nature.

Ved Vasudev Pratishthan, before registering, started its activities through connecting and mass communicating people through meditation, stress management and relief approaches on personal and group levels. Prophesizing the different techniques advised in Yogic Science and their practical implementation by way of studying the Breathe as a unit and its governing measures and emerging with Self- Healing system which has created miraculous results with hundreds of people for three decades. All these things were based on certain principles, Sadhana Process, Upasana and urging and praying our Lord through sincere Karmas. Lot many families came together with bonds of love and attachment along with moral and ethical values and emerged as a beautiful Parivar.

Now Ved Vasudev Pratsithan, Parivar hold a mission in their hearts and these heartfelt vibrations are trying to nurture and nourish the best in the human being.

Time or Kaal is always a teacher, one who learns and one who doesn’t make the society and its character. Those who have learnt from the past will create tomorrow’s masters of the future. We, with the sincere intention to learn from the past and holding present want to create a better tomorrow. And thus Ved Vasudev Pratishthan came into existence.

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