Hon. Shri Ajitdada Krishnarao Tukdeo

Adarniya Shri Ajitdada is a founder President of Ved Vasudev Pratishthan, Pune. This is his recent introduction.

From more than 30 years many people know him by different names and relations that he has been true to. But no name can truly describe him, no such relational tag can potentially define him. He is not just a name or person, he is the life force, for people who are aimlessly struggling and somehow surviving and also for people who are lost in materialistic successes.

Simply to put in words he is person who is strongly determined and devoted to wake human thought processes so that a journey towards absolute consciousness begins.

At early age of 17 years he was fortunate to receive Swapnadiksha by Param Pujja Pariwrajakacharya Shrimad Vasudevanand Saraswati Swami Maharaj.

It was not so easy or obvious. He went through agony of physical pain of intestinal cancer and early ignorance leading to mental trauma and series of unbelievable and miraculous events before understanding what really he was meant for. His urge for mentor, led him earn satgurutatwa.

Based on the divine signals he started work from Dattajayanti of year 1981. He has guided thousands of families in difficulties of life. With his deep study and keen interest he has achieved mastery in Shwas and Sukshma Sharir. This knowledge is instrumental in guiding thousands of people with physical and psychological cures.


His mission is to spread message of Paramhansa Parivrajakacharya Shrimad Vasudevanand Saraswati Swami Maharaj everywhere and instill social and human awareness. He has been guiding social conscience through programs like Dhanya ti Alandi dhanya parisar and Vasudev Shwasitam since 2005. These programs celebrate spiritual awareness through music, lecture and songs.

His eloquence and thoughts seen in lecture series on Swami Vivekanand, Upasana and Shwas & science behind it, are remarkable and hence hugely appreciated. His guidance on Adhyatmic Rasthrawaad has motivated many achievers to contribute for socio-conscious upliftment. His simple mantra for this is be conscious of your existence and acknowledge every other being’s existence.

He has travelled thousands of kilometers visiting and spreading awareness about the dilapidated holy places, awakening people about meditation and creating social harmony.

He has charmed youth with Kalsapeksha, vyaktisapeksha meditation methods along with removing misconceptions about Kundalini Jagruti and Shaktipadadiksha.

He has been instrumental guide about setting cordial relations to awaken social strata, especially youth, about culture and tradition.

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