Chess Tournament

Chess is a game which requires utmost concentration and tests the mental strength and flexibility of the player. Ved Vasudev Pratishthan has been successfully conducting Chess Tournaments for young children at Vashi Mumbai in association with Bombay Chess Association since past 5 years.
Recently we conducted an Open Chess Tournament for Pradnyachakshu(blind) students at Thane with a participation of around 120 students, a number which is not even witnessed at National level Tournaments. We were also supported in event volunteering by Cognizant Associates.


Old Age Home

At our hostel at Jivhala, Akola we take care of our grandparents with utmost love and dedication. WE intend to undertake various skill development programs under the National Skills Development Ministry of India at the premises for the overall upliftment of society there .


P.P Ajit Dada, with his ever motivating words and energy, inspires and counsels numerous young people who face different problems in life. With his support, people have been able to revive their lives physically, emotionally and financially as well.

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