Vasudev Shwasitam

‘Vasudev Shwasitam’ is a humble effort towards expressing the divinity of Shri Swami Maharaja’s immortal compositions through Music, Dance and sketching and narration by P.P. Dada and Vasudev Sangeet Sabha, a dedicated group of Sadhakas.
– This program is an attempt to hint us through the spiritual journey of Shri Swami Maharaj and connect us with his impeccable and eternal writings.
– It is named as ‘Vasudev Shwasitam’ means the breaths taken by Shri Thorale Swami Maharaj manifested in form of his words..


Dhanya Ti Alandi, Dhanya Parisar

Another celestial program which takes you through the divine journey of Sant Dnyaneshwar and his siblings. The journey is narrated by Shri Ajit Dada in his great words along with beautiful musical compositions.

Maze Gurudev

Our nation is known for its ancient yet very profound Guru-ShishyaParampara (Teacher- Disciple). This musical program narrates the importance of this culture in our lives and how intricately our lives have been woven by works of spiritual giants Swami Ramkrishna- Swami Vivekanand, Lord Dattatreya- ShriThorale Swami Maharaj, Saint Dnyaneshwar- Saint Nivruttinath, Lord Ram- Swami Ramdas who have time and again in some form or other restored and reinstated the significance of our culture of love and humanity.


Kuthe Mhane Ram...

It is a rhetoric question to be asked everyone to oneself. The program is based on the compositions of Lord Rama and his historic. How can our nation once again bask in the glory and experience the blissful and harmonious ‘Ram- Rajya’? Where do we find that Lord Ram? Is it inside us, if it is then how do we manifest it? A platform where these questions are raised and the answers are to be achieved by self-introspection..

Gujre Hue Pal/ Swarnamayi

A remembrance of our old hindi melodies including patriotic songs which were highly soothing and at the same time with profound meaning and teaching.

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