Maharaj Sankshipta Charitra

P.P. Thorale Maharaj Charitra
  • P.P. Shrimad Vasudevananad Saraswati Swami Maharaj, also known as Thorale Swami Maharaj was born on Shrawan Krushna Panchmi in the year 1776 according to Hindu calendar (year 1854 as per Gregorian calendar) in Mangaon near Sawantwadi, dist. Sindhudurga, Maharashtra.
  • His thread ceremony was performed at the age of 8 years.
  • He was married to Baayo, daughter of Babaji Pant Gode, who was Hawaldar at Ranganagad at the age of 21 years.
  • He performed the ritual of Smartagni and spiritual repetitive chanting –‘Purascharan’ of Gayatri mantra.
  • His father Ganesh Bhatji died on Bhadrapad Krushna Dwitiya in year 1799.
  • He instated idol of Shree Datta Prabhu at Mangaon on Vaishakh Shukla Panchami in the year 1805.
  • He left Mangaon with his wife in the year 1811 in Paush month.
  • His wife died in the year 1813 on vaishakh vadya chaturdashi.
  • Shri maharaj entered sanyas ashram with the appropriate rites and rituals on jeshtha shuddha dwadashi in the year 1813.
  • He espoused “Danda” from shri Narayananand saraswati at Ujjain.
  • He completed his first chaturmas a holy period of four months for penance, austerities, fasting, bathing in holy rivers and religious observances at Ujjain on the banks of river Kshipra (English year 1891)
  • His second chaturmas was completed at Bramhavarta (U.P) in the year 1814 (english year 1892)
  • He composed Datta Purana, holy book comprising of verses of shri Datta Guru Maharaj in sanskrit during this period.
  • His fourth and fifith chaturmas was performed at Badrinath/ Kedarnath (Himalayas) in the year 1816-17 (English year 1894-95)
  • His sixth chaturmas was again at Haridwar in the year 1818 (English year 1896)
  • In the year 1896, he composed beautiful phrases compiled it as “Narmada Lahari” for appraising the holiness and purity of motherly river Narmada.
  • His seventh chaturmas was at Petlad (M.P) on the banks of river Mahanadi. Here he composed “Datta- lilamrutasindu” a holy book with thousand phrases.
  • His eighth chaturmas was at Tilakwada (Gujrat) in the year 1820 (English year 1898). He translated “Kurma Puran” from Andhra dialect (telugu) to Marathi.
  • He completed his ninth chaturmas was at Dwarka (Gujrat) in the year 1821 (English year 1899)
  • His tenth chaturmas was at Chikhalada (M.P) on river Narmada’s banks in the year 1822. Here he composed ‘Krishnaveni- Panchganga Yutistham’, a book describing the greatness of Narsobawadi (English year 1900)
  • His eleventh chaturmas was at Mahatpur (M.P) on the banks of river Kshipra. Here he composed ‘Datta Mahatma’ compiling all the stories from Datta Puran. Also he composed ‘ Trishati- Gurucharitra’ a collections of poems with 300 verses.
  • First printed version of ‘Guru Charitra’ was brought to everyone here.
  • His twelfth chaturmas was at Bramhavarta (U.P). here he composed ‘Samshloki’ gurucharitra and a book on ‘ Laghumanan saar’ Vedanta.
  • His thirteenth chaturmas was at Bramhavarta in the year 1825 (English Year 1903). Here he composed ‘Saptashati Gurucharitra’ readable for women which had 700 verses in it.
  • His fourteenth chaturmas was also at Bramhavarta in the year 1826 (English year 1904). After the chaturmas, on his way to gangapur, he composed ‘Krishna lahari’ describing about river Krishna.
  • He completed his fifteenth chaturmas at Narsi (Maharashtra) near banks of river Kayadhu. The Poetic compilation ‘Datta Champu’ was created here. Also the very famous sacred composition ‘KARUNA TRIPADI’ was composed here which is chanted still in daily upasana by his devotees of Datta Sampradaya throughout the India.
  • His sixteenth chaturmas was at Barwah (M.P.) in the year 1828 (English Year 1906).
  • His seventeenth chaturmas was at Tanjawar (Tamilnadu) in the year 1829 (English Year 1907) near Kaveri river. Here he composed gist form of the prose Samashloki Gurucharitra.
  • In the year 1830 (English Year 1908) he completed his 18th Chaturmas at Muktayala near river Krishna. He composed Yuvashiksha, VruddhaShiksha and Streeshiksha during this period.
  • His 19th Chaturmas was at Pavani (Maharashtra) near the banks of river Vainganga. He composed verses on Vainganga river in the year 1831 (English year 1909).]
  • His 20th Chaturmas at Hawnoor (Karnataka) near the banks of river Tungabhadra. He composed the stotra “Dattatreyam Mahatmanam Varadam Bhaktavatsalam” at Jainpur.
  • He completed his 21st Chaturamas at Kuravpur (Karnataka) in the year 1833 (English 1911). There he composed a verse on “Venkataramana” and “Aghorkashtoddharana Stotra”.
  • His 22nd Chaturmas was at Chikhalda in the year 1834 (English year 1912).
  • His last and 23rd Chaturmas was at Garudeshwar (Gujarat) near the bank of river Narmada. Shri Maharaj took Samadhi in the year 1836 (English Year 1914) on Ashadh Shukla Pratipada at Garudeshwar.

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