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‘Ved Vasudev Pratishthan’ – a Trust with Mission, a Mission with Trust. Both the words carry meaning which human brains always try to interpret, but never reach to the core or nucleus of same.

The ‘Names’ definitely carry certain importance, for the time being, and perish with no existence remaining behind. Some are the creation of universe, concepts prophecised by divinity, living example of absolute consciousness – glory of wisdom expressed brilliantly by the lord of universe i.e. almighty.
Shrimad ‘Vasudev’

Divinity transcended in ‘SAGUN’ form, one of the greatest ‘ACHARYA’ (men of highest wisdom) along with Bhagwan Shankaracharya , were and are and had taken shelter on this earth and offered shelter to everyone on this earth.

We were never a country or nation but Rashtra – ‘Bharatvarsha’ . The god has created land but Rishis or Acharya’s created Rashtram. The land garlanded by the glory of knowledge, wisdom and incessant urge to find the highest – ‘Adwait’ relationship with the creator himself.
‘Shrimad Vasudev’ in his transcended life, by his every breath in search of ‘Lord Dattatraya’ attained not the salvation but the lord himself. Rarest moments the motherland of ours experienced and kept at the heart of hers.

Ved – Nothing sacred beyond it. The divine creation from where the knowledge originates. ‘ The Chaitanya Vangmayin form of god . ‘ Vasudev’ is a ‘ Sakshat’ form of Vedas , which can be seen, felt, experienced and understood. ‘Shri ‘ prefixed before the ‘Name’ offers identity but some names can’t be prefixed by humans – ‘Vasudev’ is one of them. The absolute knowledge, lands on the earth and feels proud getting prefixed before ‘Vasudev’. ‘ VED VASUDEV’ – The highest knowledge honored rearly on this earth. We, the Bharatvarsha – Niwasi feel proud and honoured being on our motherland and feel inspired and committed to the golden past of ours and feel ashamed of ‘No consciousness’ felt towards our motherland.

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