Shrimad Vasudev Goshala

Shrimad Vasudev Goshala: Ved Vasudev Pratishthan has pledged to serve our desi gau-vansh and reinstate the integral importance of ‘Gau Mata’ in our lives, We started ‘Shrimad Vasudev Goshala’ in association with Katraj Milk Federation (Dudh Sahakari Sangh) with around 27 Indian breed (Gir) cows at Pune and Suryapunj Bahuayami Sanstha at Burhanpur, Madhya Pradesh experiences motherhood from over 100 Indian breed cows and over 60 cows in Shrimad Vasudev Goshala , Chandrapur. We conducted four conferences, since September 2017 in order to increase awareness spiritual, medicinal, economical and cultural significance of products / medicines made out of cow dung, cow urine, panch gavya. We have been an agricultural economy since time unknown and we want to make our farmers realize the importance of cow in their profession and life and promote organic farming.

For more details: Shri Aniruddha Chivate – 9890699560 Ku. Renuka Bhruguwar- 7755920838 , Shri Mahesh Singh Chouhan – 9425085379